Monday, September 27, 2010

The Misfits - Cough/Cool b.w. She (1977)

My love for the Misfits dates all the way back to middle school and I generally give them most the credit for shaping my current musical tastes. I remember my friend Bernie bringing a copy of Famous Monsters to school one day and thinking it was absolutely the worst shit I had ever heard (fuck that Michael Graves re-incarnation bullshit). Shortly after, I got my hands on their Collection I and II cds and was hooked immediately. Cough/Cool is the very first Misfits release, I chose to use the original recordings instead of the remastered version because I feel if it doesn't sound like shit you won't get the full effect. Fun fact: there are no guitars on this record. Instead, Danzig just ran a keyboard through a fuzzbox to distort it, giving the impression of a guitar... The man is a genius, recognize.

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