Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rage Against the Machine - Demo Tape

I know, I know, two "rap-metal" posts back to back(What is this dude thinking?) But it feels kinda hard to talk about Downset without mentioning Rage. These are their first recordings the band put together in 1991 prior to their self-titled LP. For those who consider this band a guilty pleasure, maybe the shitty recording quality on these demos will keep your punx at ease. If you haven't, listen to these guys prior bands: Inside Out (De La Roca) and Lock Up (Morello).

Downset - Our Suffocation (1993 Demo)

I wish i was cool enough to say I've always been a fan of this band. Sadly, yet gratefully, a friend of mine turned me on to these guys about a month ago. Downset are a hip hop influenced hardcore group from L.A., a la Rage Against the Machine. Rey Oropeza (vocalist) had previously sung for the well-known Cali hardcore band Social Justice, and following a series of lineup changes/musical changes the group called it quits and adopted the "Downset" moniker. Downset ran with the new heaver, more hip-hop influenced sound and the rest is history. This is the 1993 "Our Suffocation" demo the band recorded which basically bridged the Social Justice-Downset gap. Enjoy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Darkthrone - A New Dimension (1988)

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a black metal fan. As a matter of fact I know very little about the genre besides a handful popular artists. But I like what I like and this Darkthrone demo from 1988 is fantastic. The quality sucks, the song is 9 minutes long, but its worth every second. Black metal fan or not you'll enjoy this tape. Shout-outs to Spencer and Skylar, this one is kinda for them even though they've probably already heard this.

The Misfits - Cough/Cool b.w. She (1977)

My love for the Misfits dates all the way back to middle school and I generally give them most the credit for shaping my current musical tastes. I remember my friend Bernie bringing a copy of Famous Monsters to school one day and thinking it was absolutely the worst shit I had ever heard (fuck that Michael Graves re-incarnation bullshit). Shortly after, I got my hands on their Collection I and II cds and was hooked immediately. Cough/Cool is the very first Misfits release, I chose to use the original recordings instead of the remastered version because I feel if it doesn't sound like shit you won't get the full effect. Fun fact: there are no guitars on this record. Instead, Danzig just ran a keyboard through a fuzzbox to distort it, giving the impression of a guitar... The man is a genius, recognize.

Breakdown - Runnin' Scared Demo

I had the privilege of going to two Breakdown shows last year and was not disappointed. Considered one of the quintessential NYHC acts of the late 80s, Breakdown was heavily influential on the shape of things to come in the hardcore scene for years to come. This is actually not the original Breakdown demo but a demo the band released in '88 with its new lineup post Killing Time formation(Raw Deal at the time). A handful of these songs can also be found on the Dissed and Dismissed bootleg. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life of Agony - Depression Demo

I've slept a year plus on this blog without posting a single thing. Frankly I got bored and I can't promise that won't happen again. In an attempt to rededicate myself to the blog I'm retooling my mission statement a little. The focus will still be on demos, however, the focus will shift to older demos from bands a lot of people consider the "classics". I'll put up newer demos here and there when one really strikes me as standout, but more often than not my posts from here on out will be similar to this one. Now that that's out of the way, LOA is one of my favorite bands and River Runs Red is one of my favorite albums. Like their other early demos, "Depression" has a different sound than LOA's later material. There's a definite metal twinge (ala Type O Negative) to the demo but you'll notice a less than subtle Sheer Terror and Judge influence. I hope you enjoy.