Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top Ten in 2010

Its that time of year again. Looking back on an awesome year in music, it was incredibly difficult narrowing it down. I'm breaking these down into 3 categories: LPs, EPs, and demos. Don't consider these my picks as best records of the year (I don't know shit about music) rather my "favorite" records of the year.

10. Ruckus/World of Pain/Xibalba - Earthquake Split
9. Walter Schreifels - An Open Letter To the Scene
8. Coliseum - House With A Curse
7. Unit 731 - Res Ipsa Loquitur
6. Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower
5. Hostage Calm - S/T
4. Ceremony - Rohnert Park
3. Terror - Keepers of the Faith
2. First Blood - Silence Is Betrayal
1. Iron Chic - Not Like This

Honorable Mentions: Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures, No Class - S/T, Masakari - The Profit Feeds, Gorillaz - Plastic Beach, Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

10. Incendiary/Suburban Scum Split
9. Integrity - Magic Bullet
8. Harms Way - No Gods No Masters
7. Daylight - Despirit
6. Beartrap - God Fearing Youth
5. Product of Waste - Prophecies of a Poor Man
4. Coke Bust - Degredation
3. Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance I & II
2. Energy - Walk Into the Fire
1. Betrayed - Suffering

Honorable Mentions: Creatures - Salvation, Rock Bottom - Born II Hate, Mind Eraser/Slang Split, All Pigs Must Die - S/T

Demos (w/ links to the blogs i found them on)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nasty Nas - Halftime Single (1992)

When I was around 10 years old, my crack dealing best friend/neighbor have me his Illmatic cassette. As far as rap and hip hop went I pretty much just took his word on what was good, which wasn't always for the best. Nas has always been a favorite, especially Illmatic through I Am. This is Nas' first single when he went by "Nasty Nas". This song originally appeared on the soundtrack for the movie Zebrahead (a Michael Rapaport classic) after Nas was approached by MC Serch in 1992. If you own Illmatic you're familiar with this song, but lets just remember how awesome it is anyway.